All about Laptop Accessories

If you spend very much time on your notebook computer, you might have tried a variety of products to make that time spent working just a little bit easier and more comfortable. There are a variety of inexpensive accessories you can purchase to help improve the time you spend on your laptop, and many of them plug right into the USB port. These items, such as a USB LED Light, fan, mouse or other laptop accessory, require no batteries or other power source.

The most common USB accessory used by both laptop and desktop computer users is probably the USB drive, also known as a thumb drive or memory stick. You can purchase these in various gigabyte sizes and use them to quickly back up data or carry it from one computer to another. If you use more than one computer, they’re indispensable for portability. Even if you only use a laptop, they’re great for being able to back up information quickly to prevent losses in case of a crash or a stolen computer while traveling.

Another popular USB component is something like a Bluetooth dongle. These can be used for things like picking up a wireless signal, using a wireless printer or connecting between two different computers. There are a variety of Bluetooth products on the market today that you can try for various purposes.

For those who spend a lot of time on a laptop in many different places, a USB mouse might be a great idea. Not everyone adapts easily to touch pads or the little red button that serves as a mouse on IBM laptops. And in laptops that get heavy use, the touch pad is often one of the first things to start to acting up on a computer. A USB mouse that simply plugs into the port and is ready to go is a good option. Obviously, it’ll need to be a mouse with a sensor light so you can use it on your leg, the arm of a chair or a tabletop without worrying about a roller ball. You could also use a wireless mouse with a Bluetooth USB dongle, but for a portable computer that seems like a bit of overkill.

Other great accessories include things like a USB LED light or fan. An LED light won’t use much power from your computer’s batteries. And it will help light up your keyboard for easier typing. A fan is a great option for easy personal cooling. You can even find things like a USB coffee warmer, heater, mini-fridge and other fun and useful accessories for when you use your laptop at a desk or table.